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Novalins is a leading translation and localization company providing robust and high-quality standardized post-editing services. We understand that the success of your tech product or solution in global markets requires accurate and error-free localization. Our team of experts reviews, edits, and improves machine translation to ensure it complies with the localization requirements and results.  

Depending on the type and amount of loaded data and usage frequency, the machine translations’ quality is likely to differ from human translation. We make your neural machine translations meaningful, natural, and high-quality through our post-editing services, just like human translations.  

Network of Qualified and Experienced Experts

Handing over your translations and localization entirely to machines may not provide the results you are looking for. It needs human expertise because converting content into other languages needs knowledge of the local language, cultural context, creativity, and much more. Literal translations can ruin the actual message and content.  

At Novalins, we are proud of our network of qualified and experienced post-editors. All our team members pass a stringent selection process. Our Quality Management team carefully hand-picks and selects the post-editors, ensuring delivery of the highest quality work. We work with you closely to understand your needs and localization goals.  

Our team pays special attention to even the minutest details to make your products or solutions error-free and accurate according to the localization requirements. Moreover, we follow ISO 18587:2017 full human post-editing specifications to ensure 100% accuracy of results. It means we utilize proven procedures for machine translation post-editing.  

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It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.

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Tech-Driven Post-Editing and Localization Services

As an established translation and localization company, we always like to stay ahead of the curve. We keep ourselves updated with the latest innovations, techniques, and tools. This enables us to provide tech-driven post-editing and localization services in the machine translation sector because we believe that technology and people should complement each other.  

Whether the content you have created through machine translations depends heavily on the language combination, text type, or time availability, we thoroughly analyze each text source and run a test project. We work with you to determine if the use of your machine translation has been worthwhile or your content needs further refinementOur neural machine post-editing takes sentences and structures as a whole while considering context. By harnessing the power of technology combined with our experienced human translators, we give you more natural translations with smoother sentence flow and more accurate grammatical structures. 

Novalins translations are accurate and follow industry standards and authority requirements, which has consistently resulted in regulatory approval of our submissions. They have also always been courteous, professional and responsive to our requirements.

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Get the Highest-Quality Results in Quickest Possible Time

Machine translation and human post-editing make a killer combination to achieve the highest quality results in the quickest possible time. It’s like infusing the machine-generated translation copy with the human-quality translation. Our professional and vetted post-editors can quickly work on the machine-translated documents because the initial machine translation saves them plenty of time. We review and edit your data to ensure clarity, accuracy, local resonance, and flow.  

We have been impressed with Novalins´ commitment to quality and customer service, and we would recommend Novalins to anyone looking for an experience medical translation provider.

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